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Origin of Anandamela
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Origin of Anandamela
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An organisation of ex pats in Hertfordshire & North London formed in 1982 and formalised in 1993

Anandamela was the brainchild of Nandita Chakrabarti who felt the need for a local Bengali club to foster social gatherings amongst ex-pat Bengalis and people from other parts of the sub-continent. The club would help organise social gatherings and foster the appreciation of Bengali and Indian culture and traditions amongst the future generations.
The Club was formed with the help of her husband Birbhushan, organising 'Bijoya sammelani' as its first event autumn of 1982. Bengali New Year was celebrated by the club in April 1983.
A few years later Mintoo Sirkar initiated 2 new events in the club's social calendar; Saraswati Pujo and the Summer Barbecue.  
Anandamela saw phenomenal growth as an ad hoc organisation till it was formalised with a Emergency general body meeting on 3 July 1993. Members present at this meeting were; Anjan Banerjee, Meera Banerjee, Shanti Banerjee, Moni Bhattacharjee, Sushree Bhattacharjee, Pijush Bhattacharyya, Nandita Chakrabarti, Sipra Biswas, Sunil Biswas, Nirmal Ghosh (Chair), Anil Mitra, Mihir Roy, Hilary Roy, Jayanta Sinha, Subhalakshmi Sinha, Mintoo Sirkar, Dr Wajed.  
adapted from The Report of the Ad Hoc Committee, March 1994